Frozen Zaatar Seedlings

Many articles I have read and many people that have told me that Zaatar cannot stand the frost.  Most plants that are called, “Zaatar” are Frost Tender-Perennials, which means that plant is sensitive to cold temperatures, the plant will also live for a very long time in warmer climates if there is no frost threat.

The Zaatar seedlings in my gardens volunteered on their own, some have their true leaves and some do not.

I knew that last night was going to be a hard frost and I told myself that I am going to have nature take its course and if the seedlings do not make it thru the night, then that is the way it has to be.

Frozen Zubayr Seedlings

I went out really early this morning to look at the fate of the Zaatar and found the seedlings were healthy and COVERED with frost.  If you click on the image you will see how hard the frost was on these amazing, tenacious seedlings.

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Zaatar Seedlings Suprise

How many Zaater seedlings are there, I’ve lost count.

Woke up this morning to see how my Zaatar plants were doing and I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

More Zahatar seedlings.

Zaatar seedlings all over the place.  Unsure how they could germinate with mid-30 degree nights, could be that the leaves that were on top of them worked as mulch and gently kept the temperature higher than its surroundings.

After walking around my garden, I can guess that there is roughly 500 – 800 seedlings that have germinated.

Basil Thyme
Found you Basil Thyme Seedlings.

I am so surprised that they have germinated in the middle of December and some of them have already developed their true leaves!

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Welcome to Zaatar Gardens

Welcome to Zaatar Gardens.

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