Caraway Thyme

Thymus Herba Barona

Caraway Thyme
Caraway Thyme is a great substitute for caraway.

One of the fastest growing thyme plants in the world.

This is my favorite thyme to grow, the reason, it is the fastest growing thyme.  There is joke, when growing Thyme, it takes THYME to grow.  Ha ha.  Well that joke doesn’t apply to this frisky plant.

Produces a very pungent, sweet smell reminiscent of Caraway.  Caraway is a spice that is often used to enhance the flavor of some Zaatar mixes.

Not only does Caraway Thyme grow the fastest, but it also is, in my opinion, the most attractive thyme.

Herba Barona, translates to Herb of Beef.  In medieval times, this plant was used to spice meat that has gone past its expiration date.

Caraway Thyme only grows about 4 inches tall (very short plant), but can spread out far and fast.

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