Mexicola Avocado Tree

Out of all the avocado trees, one of the most hardiest is the Mexicola Avocado Tree.  The Mexicola Avocado is one of my most prized fruit-bearing trees in my backyard garden.

I love making guacamole and adding just a little bit of my homemade Zaatar mix directly from the garden.

Mexicola Avocado Tree
One of the hardiest avocado trees – Mexicola.

The taste of the Mexicola Avocado is extremely good, nutty and creamy.  It also has a very thin (almost paper-thin) glossy black skin that is also edible.  It is very fast growing and like all other avocados, it is evergreen.

Mexicola Avocado Tree Flower
Mexicola Avocado Flower Clusters.

My Mexicola Avocado flowers twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall.

The skin and leaves have a anise-like flavor and smell.  The leaves can be used to make a great tea.

The frost does absolutely nothing to these tough trees, even down to 18 degrees F.

Mexicola Avocado is a Type A avocado tree.