Coridothymus Capitatus

Coridothymus Capitatus

Conehead Thyme
Conehead Thyme has a amazing spicy scent.

Known by many names:

  • Conehead Thyme
  • Israeli Thyme
  • Persian Hyssop
  • Spanish Oregano
  • Thymbra Capitata
  • Saturjea Capitata
  • Thymus Capitatus
  • Thymus Capitatus Oregano
  • Cordiothymus Capitatus


This herb is a very slow grower.  Grows to about a two foot wide mound.  It typically reaches one to three feet in overall height.

The amazing part about Coridothymus Capitatus is that when it is in bloom.  The plant will be fully covered with pink flowers.  If you thought the herb leaves were spicy, get your taste buds ready when you eat the flowers, SPICY.

I actually like using the flowers and the leaves in guacamole and on top of pizza.

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