Cortunix Japanese Quail

The Cortunix Japanese Quail is known as an Old World Quail.  It is stated that these birds have been dated back with the Egyptians during the construction of the Pyramids (raising them for eggs, pets and meat).

Japanese Quail Hens
My backyard Cortunix Japanese Quail Hens.

When I was around 14 years old, I was raising over 100 Northern Bobwhite quails.

I missed raising these hardy, beautiful birds and I didn’t want my son, Shant Varoug, to miss out.

I decided to begin starting to raise quail again, the variety I chose was the Cortunix Japanese Quail.

Cortunix Quail
Cortunix Japanese Quail.

I am only raising five (5) females, I chose only raising Quail Hens because they are MUCH quieter than male quails (close neighbors) and that I want eggs for consumption, not baby chicks.  I do not want to eat the meat either.

The reason why I wanted to return to raising quail birds again was because that I am in big disagreement with how commercial chicken egg production is conducted.  Yes, California passed a law to give more space for chickens that are laying eggs, but I’m sorry, growing the laying cage from 1 square foot to 2 square feet is not much of an improvement.

Also, eggs are increasingly becoming more and more expensive.

There are other reasons why I chose quail instead of growing another fowl:

  • Fowl are not allowed in my dwelling from the city
  • Quail eggs are much more nutritious
  • Cortunix Japanese Quail produce up to 300 eggs a year!!!
  • Quail eggs are more expensive
  • Less smelling bird
  • Everyone always wants to see quail (growers are rare)
  • Less food and water requirements
  • Less space requirements
  • Much quieter than chickens (chickens don’t shut up)
  • Not as prone to disease
  • Smarter (I might be biased)

I constructed the Quail Cage or Quail Pen out of PVC.

Son Cleaning Quail Pen 2
My son, Shant, cleaning the quail cage.

I had a lot of fun building the quail cage.  Don’t get me wrong, there were frustrations.  I was a bit worried building the quail pen out of PVC, but it was VERY EASY.  I just have to put exterior white paint on the PVC side that faces the sun so that the PVC will not degrade as quickly.

Son Cleaning Quail Pen 1
Shant ensuring he got spots that he missed.

Quail Cage Dimensions

The Quail Cage is 5.5 feet by 10.5 feet and 5.5 feet tall.


I placed an old log I had from chopping down a old tree in my backyard.  This will allow the quail birds to have fun jumping on, running around and eating bugs off of.  Quail Love Bugs!!!

Son and Grandpa Quail Pen
Grandpa and Grandson putting up the wire.

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