Drying Zaatar Herbs

About three (3) times a year you can cut your Zaatar plants to use.

Bundle of Zaatar
Freshly cut bundle of Zaatar.

Growing not just Zaatar plants but any herb plant is extremely easy.

Freshly Cut Zaatar
Cutting fresh Zaatar from my garden.

After you cut your Zaatar herbs you must wash them in cold water, let them sit for awhile so you can ensure that all, if any, bugs are flushed out.

Cleaning Zaatar
Cleaning the Zaatar before drying.

Ensure that after washing off your Zaatar that the leaves are as dry as they can be.

DO NOT leave too much water on the leaves of the Zaatar or the color will darken/blacken and the taste will diminish.

The best way, in my opinion to ensure that as much water gets removed from the leaves is by utilizing a salad spinner.

Salad Spinner Zaatar
A salad spinner is the best way to dry wet Zaatar leaves.

Set your Zaatar in a dark room, spread out evenly and temperature ranging from 70-75 degrees F.  Ensure that, at least, for the first day that there is air movement in the drying room (a small fan would do).

Collection of Zaatar
Zaatar before drying

Then after three (3) days your Zaatar herbs are completely dry.

Dried Zaatar
Zaatar fully dried.