How to make Zaatar Spice

The most important use of the herb Origanum Syriacum (a type of Zaatar plant) is by making Zaatar Spice.

Step 1

First step in make Zaatar Spice is by taking the Zaatar herb leaves off of the plant.

Bundle of crushed Zaatar
Grabbing a big clump of freshly dried Zaatar.

Step 2

Place raw Sesame Seeds into a frying pan and roast on top of a stove (preferably a gas stove).

Sesame Seeds Zaatar
Another key ingredient in Zaatar mix is Sesame Seeds.
Roasted Sesame Seeds Zaatar
Sesame Seeds in a frying pan till roasted.

Step 3

Add Sumac or Sumaq to Zaatar leaves.  Sumac is a red berry that will add tartness to the Zaatar Spice.

Sumac adds tartness to the Zaatar mix.
Sumac and Zaatar
Add Sumac to the dry Zaatar herbs.

Step 4

Add the roasted Sesame Seeds to the Zaatar Spice mix.

Sesame Seed & Zaatar
Mix roasted Sesame Seeds into Zaatar mix.

Step 5

Place the Zaatar Spice into a mortar and pestle or electric blender.  Crush the mix till there is a soft and fluffy consistency.

Crush Zaatar Mix
Crush Zaatar in Mortar and Pestle
Add Zaatar mixture to Blener
Blender is just as good as using a mortar and pestle with mixing Zaatar.

Step 6

Add additional spices – Salt, crushed dried garbanzo beans, cumin, fennel, anise, etc..

** I do not add anything else but Zaatar herbs, Sumac & Sesame Seeds. **

Step 7 – Optional

I always test my mix by placing a small amount of Zaatar Spice with olive oil to see the ratio of sumac, zaatar herb and sesame seeds within the mix.  Creating a small amount of Zaatar Paste is key to testing your newly created Zaatar Spice mix.

Zaatar Olive Oil Test
Testing Zaatar Mix Consistency.