Ladybug Beneficial Insect

Well it’s the time of the year to take control of my garden which I only like to do organically.

Ladybug Beneficial Insect Zaater
Ladybugs keeps off pests in my Zaater plants.

Insect pests love to eat on my young foliage off fruit trees, herbs and alike.

Ladybug Beneficial Insect Zaatar
Released my Zaatar plant protectors.

Ladybugs, in my opinion, are the best defense against pests in your garden.

You can purchase live ladybugs at most nurseries.

The following are a few tips to help your newly purchased live ladybugs be healthy:

  • Try to release the ladybugs within an hour after purchase.
  • Best time to release ladybugs is at night, because they will not fly away as quickly or as far.
  • Another tip to keep your ladybugs close by so they stick around for your garden is to provide water next to where you’re releasing ladybugs so they can get a fresh drink of water.
    Ladybug Beneficial Insect Ezov
    Thirsty Ladybugs to help protect my Ezov.

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