Lebanese Zaatar Ham Pizza

My Grandmother and I use to make our own version of Lebanese Zaatar Pizza.  It is a healthy and quick meal to make for the whole family.

That is why Lebanese Zaatar Pizza with Ham is one of my favorites.

Using fresh Zaatar, Wild Thyme, herbs is ideal, but if you do not have Wild Thyme, using Oregano is fine.

Step 1

Start off by spreading pizza sauce on flat pizza dough.  Much like my son, don’t be afraid to spread the pizza sauce to the edge of the pizza dough.

Son Spreading Sauce Zaatar Pizza
My son, Shant, helping me spread pizza sauce on our Zaatar Pizza.

Step 2

Add a spoonful of Mild Pepper Paste to your pizza sauce.  Ensure that it is spread evenly.

Pepper Paste Zaatar Pizza
Add a bit of Mild Pepper Paste to give an extra zing to the Zaatar Pizza.

Step 3

Add a spoonful of freshly prepared Zaatar Mix.

Add Zaatar to Zaatar Pizza
Adding Zaatar Mix to Zaatar Pizza.

Step 4

Retrieve fresh picked Zaatar (Wild Thyme) or Oregano from your garden.

Fresh Zaatar Plant to Zaatar Pizza
Using Fresh Cut Zaatar from the Garden.

Step 5

Chop or Crush the fresh Zaatar to your pizza sauce.

Zaatar Herb to Zaatar Pizza
Fresh Crushed Zaatar herb to pizza.

Step 6

Add thin sliced smoked ham, layer the slices multiple times.

Thin Sliced Ham to Zaatar Pizza
Very Thin Sliced Smoked Ham to Zaatar Pizza

Step 7

Add thin cut mushrooms and a layer of shredded cheese.

Thin Mushroom & Cheese to Zaatar Pizza
Add Thin Cut Mushrooms and Cheese to Zaatar Pizza.

Step 8

Add chopped black olives and red and green bell peppers.  Once again, add a thin layer of shredded cheese to top off pizza.

Olives and Peppers to Zaatar Pizza
Top off the Zaatar Pizza with Olives and Bell Peppers.

Step 9

Pre-heat oven for 450 degrees F and then cook pizza for about 10 to 15 minutes depending on the thickness of the pizza dough.

Cooked Lebanese Zaatar Ham Pizza
Delicious Lebanese Zaatar Ham Pizza.

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