Satureja Montana

Winter Savory

Winter Savory
Winter Savory is extremely spicy.

Satureja Montana or Winter Savory is a very spicy herb.

Winter Savory is a very easy to grow perennial herb.

It is not tasty enough, by itself, to be the main herb in a Zaatar mix.  Although, if you mix Winter Savory with other herbs, such as Thymbra Spicata or Coridothymus Capitatus, then Satureja Montana does itself well by providing a semi-sweet & very spicy addition.

Satureja Montana grows to about one foot high.

Needs full sun and the really good drainage, more than the other Zaatar plants

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Pink Savory

Satureja Thymbra

Pink Savory
Spicy scent of Pink Savory.

Known as different names:

  • Pink Savory
  • Barrel Sweetner

Do not let this small herb fool you.  Pink Savory is a short herb with a lot of punch, VERY SPICY.

You can use Pink Savory not just in your Zaatar mix but also with any recipe that calls for savory.

Pink Savory loves dry heat weather.

Pink Savory typically grows to about one foot high and two feet wide.  From May to June it is covered with pink flowers, which are also spicy.

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Coridothymus Capitatus

Coridothymus Capitatus

Conehead Thyme
Conehead Thyme has a amazing spicy scent.

Known by many names:

  • Conehead Thyme
  • Israeli Thyme
  • Persian Hyssop
  • Spanish Oregano
  • Thymbra Capitata
  • Saturjea Capitata
  • Thymus Capitatus
  • Thymus Capitatus Oregano
  • Cordiothymus Capitatus


This herb is a very slow grower.  Grows to about a two foot wide mound.  It typically reaches one to three feet in overall height.

The amazing part about Coridothymus Capitatus is that when it is in bloom.  The plant will be fully covered with pink flowers.  If you thought the herb leaves were spicy, get your taste buds ready when you eat the flowers, SPICY.

I actually like using the flowers and the leaves in guacamole and on top of pizza.

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Ladybug Beneficial Insect

Well it’s the time of the year to take control of my garden which I only like to do organically.

Ladybug Beneficial Insect Zaater
Ladybugs keeps off pests in my Zaater plants.

Insect pests love to eat on my young foliage off fruit trees, herbs and alike.

Ladybug Beneficial Insect Zaatar
Released my Zaatar plant protectors.

Ladybugs, in my opinion, are the best defense against pests in your garden.

You can purchase live ladybugs at most nurseries.

The following are a few tips to help your newly purchased live ladybugs be healthy:

  • Try to release the ladybugs within an hour after purchase.
  • Best time to release ladybugs is at night, because they will not fly away as quickly or as far.
  • Another tip to keep your ladybugs close by so they stick around for your garden is to provide water next to where you’re releasing ladybugs so they can get a fresh drink of water.
    Ladybug Beneficial Insect Ezov
    Thirsty Ladybugs to help protect my Ezov.

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Thymbra Spicata


Thymbra Spicata

Known as different names:

  • Donkey Hyssop
Thymbra Spicata
Beautiful Thymbra Spicata.

This herb loves growing in the rocky hillsides from Israel to Greece.

It has been used in cuisine and medicine for over 1,000 years.

Utilized greatly in creating Zaatar Salad.

Thymbra Spicata has a great mellow taste that is also a bit spicy, but as spicy as it’s cousins: Pink Savory or Coridothymus Capitatus.

There are a few variety of plants that are referred to as Za’atar, but one of my top favorites is Thymbra Spicata.

I love growing this plant.

Thymbra Spicata grows to about three feet high and 3 feet wide, a complete mound.

This herb is tenacious and extremely hardy.  Very difficult to find though.

Found mostly in the hills of Turkey.  Very seldom found in the wild in Lebanon, Israel, Greece, Syria and Jordan.

Bee insects absolutely LOVE this plant when it blooms.  The plant is covered with many pink flowers.

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Freshly Cut Zaatar Herb

Origanum Onites
Fresh cut Origanum Onites.

I think due to the amount of rainfall California got this season created an ideal condition for the Zaatar seedlings to grow.

It is an amazing way to wake up in the morning to cut fresh Zatar from your backyard garden and use them fresh in your salad or with Labne.

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