Thymbra Spicata


Thymbra Spicata

Known as different names:

  • Donkey Hyssop
Thymbra Spicata
Beautiful Thymbra Spicata.

This herb loves growing in the rocky hillsides from Israel to Greece.

It has been used in cuisine and medicine for over 1,000 years.

Utilized greatly in creating Zaatar Salad.

Thymbra Spicata has a great mellow taste that is also a bit spicy, but as spicy as it’s cousins: Pink Savory or Coridothymus Capitatus.

There are a few variety of plants that are referred to as Za’atar, but one of my top favorites is Thymbra Spicata.

I love growing this plant.

Thymbra Spicata grows to about three feet high and 3 feet wide, a complete mound.

This herb is tenacious and extremely hardy.  Very difficult to find though.

Found mostly in the hills of Turkey.  Very seldom found in the wild in Lebanon, Israel, Greece, Syria and Jordan.

Bee insects absolutely LOVE this plant when it blooms.  The plant is covered with many pink flowers.

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